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The Patient Perspective on the Impact of Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumors on Daily Living: Crowdsourcing Study on Physical Function and Quality of Life

Interact J Med Res 2018;7(1):e4

422610 4 16
Alzheimer’s Disease in Social Media: Content Analysis of YouTube Videos

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(2):e19

330721 10 11
Medical Information on the Internet: A Tool for Measuring Consumer Perception of Quality Aspects

Interact J Med Res 2015;4(1):e8

265861 5 21
Thoracic Surgery Information on the Internet: A Multilingual Quality Assessment

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(1):e5

260766 4 9
Barriers to Managing Fertility: Findings From the Understanding Fertility Management in Contemporary Australia Facebook Discussion Group

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(1):e7

172730 5 7
Content and Quality of Information Websites About Congenital Heart Defects Following a Prenatal Diagnosis

Interact J Med Res 2015;4(1):e4

156690 2 15
Elderly Learners and Massive Open Online Courses: A Review

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(1):e1

119252 34 23
Information Seeking in Social Media: A Review of YouTube for Sedentary Behavior Content

Interact J Med Res 2015;4(1):e3

111516 12 14
Understanding Internet Use Among Dementia Caregivers: Results of Secondary Data Analysis Using the US Caregiver Survey Data

Interact J Med Res 2015;4(1):e1

107743 4 32
A Social Media-Based Acute Alcohol Consumption Behavior (NekNomination): Case Series in Italian Emergency Departments

Interact J Med Res 2018;7(1):e2

102679 7 4
Designing an Electronic Patient Management System for Multiple Sclerosis: Building a Next Generation Multiple Sclerosis Documentation System

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(1):e2

96271 8 27
Engaging a Community for Rare Genetic Disease: Best Practices and Education From Individual Crowdfunding Campaigns

Interact J Med Res 2018;7(1):e3

93757 0 4
Large Controlled Observational Study on Remote Monitoring of Pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators: A Clinical, Economic, and Organizational Evaluation

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(1):e4

91947 8 20
A European Network of Email and Telephone Help Lines Providing Information and Support on Rare Diseases: Results From a 1-Month Activity Survey

Interact J Med Res 2014;3(2):e9

91557 9 5
Does Socioeconomic Status Affect Patients’ Ease of Use of a Touch-Screen (iPad) Patient Survey?

Interact J Med Res 2013;2(1):e1

90203 5 20
Designing Consumer Health Technologies for the Treatment of Patients With Depression: A Health Practitioner's Perspective

Interact J Med Res 2014;3(1):e2

86229 5 5
Physio-Environmental Sensing and Live Modeling

Interact J Med Res 2013;2(1):e3

83655 1 6
Accuracy, Validity, and Reliability of an Electronic Visual Analog Scale for Pain on a Touch Screen Tablet in Healthy Older Adults: A Clinical Trial

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(1):e3

82509 4 29
Surveying End-of-Life Medical Decisions in France: Evaluation of an Innovative Mixed-Mode Data Collection Strategy

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(1):e8

82325 1 0
Evaluating YouTube as a Source of Patient Education on the Role of the Hospitalist: A Cross-Sectional Study

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(1):e1

79690 14 1
Usage, Acceptability, and Effectiveness of an Activity Tracker in a Randomized Trial of a Workplace Sitting Intervention: Mixed-Methods Evaluation

Interact J Med Res 2018;7(1):e5

79108 14 9
Real-Time Web-Based Assessment of Total Population Risk of Future Emergency Department Utilization: Statewide Prospective Active Case Finding Study

Interact J Med Res 2015;4(1):e2

78074 8 8
Assessing the Performance of a Modified LACE Index (LACE-rt) to Predict Unplanned Readmission After Discharge in a Community Teaching Hospital

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(1):e2

78021 7 12
Can Seeding in the Clinic Reach a Wide Audience? A Proof of Concept Study on Spreading a Health Message About Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Using a Shareable Online Video

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(1):e6

70302 5 2
Preferred Features of Oral Treatments and Predictors of Non-Adherence: Two Web-Based Choice Experiments in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Interact J Med Res 2015;4(1):e6

69122 4 24

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