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A Handheld Metabolic Device (Lumen) to Measure Fuel Utilization in Healthy Young Adults: Device Validation Study

Interact J Med Res 2021;10(2):e25371

45404 36 5
Born to Yawn? Understanding Yawning as a Warning of the Rise in Cortisol Levels: Randomized Trial

Interact J Med Res 2012;1(2):e4

32987 31 6
Health Care Provider Adoption of eHealth: Systematic Literature Review

Interact J Med Res 2013;2(1):e7

19360 5 127
Media Use by Children, and Parents’ Views on Children's Media Usage

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(2):e18

15979 3 31
Understanding Electronic Medical Record Adoption in the United States: Communication and Sociocultural Perspectives

Interact J Med Res 2013;2(1):e5

10924 9 18
Evaluation of User Interface and Workflow Design of a Bedside Nursing Clinical Decision Support System

Interact J Med Res 2013;2(1):e4

10208 1 28
Identifying Measures Used for Assessing Quality of YouTube Videos with Patient Health Information: A Review of Current Literature

Interact J Med Res 2013;2(1):e6

9782 24 105
Diabetes Management Using Modern Information and Communication Technologies and New Care Models

Interact J Med Res 2012;1(2):e8

9703 2 33
Ethical Issues in Patient Data Ownership

Interact J Med Res 2021;10(2):e22269

9312 8 18
Accuracy, Validity, and Reliability of an Electronic Visual Analog Scale for Pain on a Touch Screen Tablet in Healthy Older Adults: A Clinical Trial

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(1):e3

9177 4 33
Can Consumers Trust Web-Based Information About Celiac Disease? Accuracy, Comprehensiveness, Transparency, and Readability of Information on the Internet

Interact J Med Res 2012;1(1):e1

8249 4 32
WhatsApp Messenger as an Adjunctive Tool for Telemedicine: An Overview

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(2):e11

8081 21 113
Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Health Care Applications: Viewpoint

Interact J Med Res 2019;8(2):e12100

7929 10 33
A Qualitative Analysis of User Experiences With a Self-Tracker for Activity, Sleep, and Diet

Interact J Med Res 2014;3(1):e8

7764 1 23
Aftershocks Associated With Impaired Health Caused by the Great East Japan Disaster Among Youth Across Japan: A National Cross-Sectional Survey

Interact J Med Res 2013;2(2):e31

7656 9 6
Improving Hospital Care and Collaborative Communications for the 21st Century: Key Recommendations for General Internal Medicine

Interact J Med Res 2012;1(2):e9

7419 2 15
Using eHealth Technologies: Interests, Preferences, and Concerns of Older Adults

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(1):e3

7412 21 72
Perceived Reasons, Incentives, and Barriers to Physical Activity in Swedish Elderly Men

Interact J Med Res 2014;3(4):e15

7410 1 14
Validity and Usability of Low-Cost Accelerometers for Internet-Based Self-Monitoring of Physical Activity in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Interact J Med Res 2014;3(4):e14

6492 12 83
Use of Commonly Available Technologies for Diabetes Information and Self-Management Among Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes and Their Parents: A Web-Based Survey Study

Interact J Med Res 2015;4(4):e24

6237 12 39
How, When and Why People Seek Health Information Online: Qualitative Study in Hong Kong

Interact J Med Res 2017;6(2):e24

6213 7 81
Awareness and Level of Knowledge About Surgical Site Infections and Risks of Wound Infection Among Medical Physicians in King Abdulaziz University Hospital: Cross-Sectional Study

Interact J Med Res 2019;8(1):e12769

5766 13 9
The Effectiveness of an Interactive 3-Dimensional Computer Graphics Model for Medical Education

Interact J Med Res 2012;1(2):e2

5728 3 49
YouTube Videos to Create a “Virtual Hospital Experience” for Hip and Knee Replacement Patients to Decrease Preoperative Anxiety: A Randomized Trial

Interact J Med Res 2016;5(2):e10

5707 29 37
Perceived Impact of Electronic Medical Records in Physician Office Practices: A Review of Survey-Based Research

Interact J Med Res 2012;1(2):e3

5666 0 11

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